Digital Transformation is Here

To Go Digital or Not to Go Digital

Not that Long Ago they Were Not Here

Digital devices and apps are impacting the lives of many. And this process of induction has gone at an unbelievable pace. It was not that long ago that when I would be riding to a New York destination in the subway, no one else was doing much of anything except for maybe reading or listening to music an so on. But now in a subway, everyone is doing some kind of digital interaction with their phones.

Thumbs up for the Digital Process

USA Online Business is onboard with latest thoughts from the Blog Coalition along with my site friend Home Business eCommerce. According to eCommerce reports online digital education in the form of video courses, eBooks and the like, the numbers are building at an incredible rate.

Digital is Vital

Both USA Online Business and Home Business ecommerce, know and understand the importance of digital, hence they recommend that at least some part of an entrepreneur’s business should be transformed into being more digital friendly. It is important as a business to not always have to rely on in-person customers. The Pandemic closed down so many businesses that relied on in-person interaction. And with no in-person customers, many businesses had to shut down.

To Digital or Not to Digital

You need to take hold of digital regardless of the madness that is happening in our great country

Some Businesses Thrived During the Pandemic

But if you are still here it means that you are at least remotely (pardon the pun) thinking about how digital might help you. And one of the best “Plan Bs” is making certain that at least you have a part of your business able to function online. This was a life saver for businesses who anticipated the problems with losing in-person customers and carried them over into the digital domain during the Pandemic using eCommerce and such.