Being an American Entrepreneur Changes?

Yianni Stamas on the New Business Type – Startup Introverts – and Special Rewards

Recently Clarified a Bit What is Required to Become a Beta Tester

Recently Clarified a Bit What is Required to Become a Beta Tester
Historically introverts have not been thought of as people who would be good at business. The reason for this is that people, incorrectly, believe you have to be a pumped-up extravert to be successful in business. This, while introverts are wrongly seen as being too shy to be effective at being a Startup Introvert. And because of there being these kinds of misconceptions we are opening the doors and letting in Startup Introverts be Beta Testers of the introvert strategies for success.

The Gentleman Who is the First to be Called a “Startup Introvert,” has Apparently Found a New Way for Introverts to Succeed!

Strategies for success? Yes. Especially for Startup Introverts? Precisely. The concept behind the Startup Introvert project is that introverts have some advantages in a business world of extraverts. These insights are being used to generate a series of strategies for those considered mild mannered and socially awkward. This new exploration is going to open a Method How” introverts will be able to succeed at a higher level via the “Method How Report” and the “Introvert Strategies” with a new one each week!

Learn About the Startup Introvert “Promotional Tool” that Has Been Proven to Work!

At the current time, if you are a Startup Introvert and have had hardships, your business might qualify for receiving a strategy beta tester status. If you get this, it means that you will have access to weekly business introvert strategies, each one with a different purpose and outcome. But this will only be possible if the newsletter opens the door again. Please note that if the decision is made to let new subscribers in, you must either be a Startup Introvert with a current business, or an introvert who has been trying to start a company but has been facing challenges including COVID, Inflation, Violence, Blockchain Supply, and so on. We reserve the right to cancel memberships if you are discovered to be an extravert. The testing has to do with seeing if negativity can be turned around through using the strategies.


Digitally Transform Your Business

Expand Your Customer Base Nationally or Internationally!

Do you live in the USA and have an online business? Or would you like to take some of the functionality of your business online? Do you not want to have to depend on just getting local customers? When you have an ecommerce or similar digital selling method, you can work with folks nationally or even internationally.

Transitioning to the Digital Domain

Digital transformation of your business has never been easier. The way to do this is to look closely at the problem that your business solves. Once you are clear on this you will be able to come up with ways of achieving this same mission but through digital means.

Implementing Your Digital Products or Services

Chances are that available to you are DIY (Do It Yourself) solutions to going digital. Or you could even hire a digital transformation expert to help you.


Digital Transformation

Entrepreneurial Goals Needed

Things moved at a feverish pace from 2001 – 2013 thanks in part to the parallel growth of Video Film Web that is one of the businesses that truly pioneered the importance of being a “practical artist.” Artists and Entertainers as well as artist/entertainers need to have the ability to look objectively at their business aspect and achieve the entrepreneurial goals needed.

USA Online Business

How can a creative person learn to have a more business oriented outlook? And in turn, how can a business person become more creative? The answer of course is “work, work, work.” And yet, there are methods that assist in incubating these hybrid outlooks. One such group is

Go Digital Transformation and Start a Business with Digital Downloads

USA Online Business is known for their slogan which is “Business Helping Business.” And that is what they do. They are a resource for someone wanted to start a small or home business. The difference between the two is that a small business may not be entirely online and could have a brick and mortar location. Whereas a home business is done from and is often entirely online oriented making profits via digital downloads.


The Way that Business Promotion is Changing in the New Age

One Marketing Procedure for Two Totally Different Demographics?

In the old days the young and the old both appear to be completely different demographics based on when they were born, what they’ve experienced and what their buying habits are. The Stamas Bros are looking into these differences closely and are potentially revealing that maybe both age groups are more alike than not. The old and the young surely have different ways of coping, but could the same marketing procedures and content be used on both?

Both Want What the Other Has

This could be a revolution in marketing or it could be a big mistake. But one cannot argue with the points that the Stamas Bros make that maybe the young want to be wise like the old. And maybe the old desire to have the energy of the young?!


Even the fact that this is being written about in a blog is showing that something is up. More to come!


Business Has Changed Forever

Hurray for Solopreneurs!

Remember when business, especially in the corporate world, brought to mind skyscrapers? Well, no longer. The playing field has been leveled. There is still a heavy emphasis on existing relationships, but these days have been the best days ever for solopreneurs.

No Restriction on Location of Clients

Communication is done mainly with Zoom and other video conferencing apps. This means you can have clients all over America or even the world.

What Next for You?

What will you do today to take advantage of where we are now?!