Being an American Entrepreneur Changes?

Yianni Stamas on the New Business Type – Startup Introverts – and Special Rewards

Recently Clarified a Bit What is Required to Become a Beta Tester

Recently Clarified a Bit What is Required to Become a Beta Tester
Historically introverts have not been thought of as people who would be good at business. The reason for this is that people, incorrectly, believe you have to be a pumped-up extravert to be successful in business. This, while introverts are wrongly seen as being too shy to be effective at being a Startup Introvert. And because of there being these kinds of misconceptions we are opening the doors and letting in Startup Introverts be Beta Testers of the introvert strategies for success.

The Gentleman Who is the First to be Called a “Startup Introvert,” has Apparently Found a New Way for Introverts to Succeed!

Strategies for success? Yes. Especially for Startup Introverts? Precisely. The concept behind the Startup Introvert project is that introverts have some advantages in a business world of extraverts. These insights are being used to generate a series of strategies for those considered mild mannered and socially awkward. This new exploration is going to open a Method How” introverts will be able to succeed at a higher level via the “Method How Report” and the “Introvert Strategies” with a new one each week!

Learn About the Startup Introvert “Promotional Tool” that Has Been Proven to Work!

At the current time, if you are a Startup Introvert and have had hardships, your business might qualify for receiving a strategy beta tester status. If you get this, it means that you will have access to weekly business introvert strategies, each one with a different purpose and outcome. But this will only be possible if the newsletter opens the door again. Please note that if the decision is made to let new subscribers in, you must either be a Startup Introvert with a current business, or an introvert who has been trying to start a company but has been facing challenges including COVID, Inflation, Violence, Blockchain Supply, and so on. We reserve the right to cancel memberships if you are discovered to be an extravert. The testing has to do with seeing if negativity can be turned around through using the strategies.

Being an American Entrepreneur

USA Online Business Remembers that Business Can be Fun and Very SIMPLE

USA Online Business is a Business Model that if Solved Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Think about that guy. He blasted in a rocket to a kind of “space” with his brother and others. And he also developed an online business that sells virtually (pun intended) everything you could think of and does so online. There is much to learn from his story. The concept from his story that we are going to grab from his way of doing things in which vendors within his site are themselves driving much of the traffic used.


We are currently, in collaboration with other “USA” sites, devising a blueprint plan on how to succeed with your online small business. There are a lot of folks who think you get a SAAS solution for eCommerce, then start to sell things to people, driving traffic to it through your social media.

Strategy Needed

Not a bad strategy, but to be as successful as possible, needed is a mechanism, an aspect of your business model, that does a lot of it for you. Imagine having a site where people pay you to be a part promoting it, because they have a store or something on your site and want to get customers, everything sold you get a percentage and soi on and so forth


If you are already in business mode with your business, meaning it already exists and you are a small business owner, a good focus initially is marketing in a comprehensive manner.

Thinking Back

If I think back on successful business ventures I have started, one thing they all had in common was that the actual overview or action steps were short in length and literally, if I was to write them down, one in particular I just thought about was simply 5 stages. Simple is the hardest thing for this chaotic human, but when I finally am, there are usually rewards.

Being an American Entrepreneur

The “USA Online Business” Website Looks at Getting Results from Your Internet Campaigns

It is About Providing Value

First and foremost you must have social media content that is relevant to your target demographic and is considered by them to have value. People want to get value not ads regarding your services.

Your Call to Action

Next you need to create a plan. This plan must include who you are trying to reach, how you are going to reach them (type of social media ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what you want them to do. In otherwords what is the outcome desired including the call to action?

Always be Learning

Defining your goals is important because in order to have a successful marketing campaign you need to now what it is about and the result you want from it. How do you know where to start? Sometimes research can help, looking via search engines at what others are doing to achieve their promotional goals. This can sometimes result in being inspired and therefore excited about developing and taking action on your own campaign.

Stay Relevant

Needless to say your content should be something that solves a problem that your newsletter audience is interested in. The solving of the client’s problem will help to clarify what the phrase is that you want you want to use in your subject line. You only get one chance to prompt your audience to read your newsletter so you want to make it something relevant and helpful to those who are following you.

Being an American Entrepreneur

Yianni Stamas Unpacks the Meaning Behind Emmett Kelly Day

Kelly was the First

Emmett Kelly

When I was a 11 years old while living in Amherst (pronounced “Amerst” not “AmHerst) Massachusetts, one of my most favorite things do to was to go to Jones Library and research topics I was interested in. “Magic” was by far my most explored topic, though, a branch of the art of magic is clowning. I would read with great interest about a very special clown named Emmett Kelly.

Tattered Clothing

That is why today is meaningful for me. Emmett Kelly was a pioneer and the first clown to come up with a sad clown persona. He had a frown and was and carried a stick on his shoulder with a bag hanging from it. He also wore slightly tattered clothing.

The Fight

Emmett Kelly created an original and impactful character in the art of clowning. This portrayal was developed during a time when a goofy buffoon with a big painted on smile was the norm. Kelly went right up against this and at first was not taken seriously.

American Ingenuity

I bring up Emmett Kelly’s creation here USA Online Business not only because December 9th is Emmett Kelly Day, but also because this character is a terrific example of innovation and the sometimes challenging process of pushing through expectations to something new. Business owners, I believe, should always be pushing to be one step ahead in their chosen vocation. Thanks Emmet Kelly for being a great example of American ingenuity!

Being an American Entrepreneur

More on Digital Transformation

Don’t be afraid, Digital Transformation is a good thing and is helpful in effectively combating the shutting down of your business due to things like COVID-19 and so on. If you have the digital elements in place and have been working on it over time, you can switch to going digital if need be. Even going all digital if that is necessary.

The steps are 1, 2 and 3.

  1. What is the problem your business solves?
  2. How can you solve this problem digitally?
  3. Create the digital product or service.

Pretty easy, huh? Actually, not always simple of course, but if you put in the time and effort, you’ll get a valuable result for your company or career For more information check out sites like

Being an American Entrepreneur

You and Your Laptop

Times have Changed

Times have changed for young and old. The new USA Online Business is run by someone from young to old and involves, well, your personal computer, phone or laptop.

Your Solution

There’s no need any longer for any more than that. The assumption is that you have started a business that relies on the internet only. How do you do this? You think of a problem online and then come up with the solution. Your product or service is that solution.

USA Online Business Simplified

It couldn’t be more simple. You and your laptop. Get to know each other!

Being an American Entrepreneur

Proud to Be an Entrepreneurial American

Be Creative

Many of us are feeling the pain brought against our businesses due to the Coronavirus. Others of us are lucky because aspects of our business could be made (or already was) remote. But regardless of which one best describes you, we hope that you are proud to be American as we are. What does it mean to be American? It is to uphold the laws and continue to act in a way that represents freedom. Freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to be creative.

Reinvent Yourself

Truth be told, business is an art form in itself. One has to be constantly reinventing him or her self to stay afloat. Sometimes a business is started because there is a need and they are the first one out there to bring their solution to a particular problem. If they are successful with this business, others will copy it and compete against the originator. Sometimes the entity to steal your idea is a large company that has a further reach than does the entrepreneur who invented the concept in the first place. Like it or not, this is the American way.

Being an Entrepreneurial American

Because your own idea can be taken and imitated is why you have to strive to have something proprietary that only you know how to do or has a patent or copyright to protect your idea. Though, being involved in litigation fighting against those copying your idea can become expensive. This too is the American way. So how is a small USA Online Business expected to survive? Many don’t. But if you have a passion for your business and are willing to reinvent yourself as needed, you can be successful. And that is why I am proud to be an Entrepreneurial American.