Being an American Entrepreneur

More on Digital Transformation

Don’t be afraid, Digital Transformation is a good thing and is helpful in effectively combating the shutting down of your business due to things like COVID-19 and so on. If you have the digital elements in place and have been working on it over time, you can switch to going digital if need be. Even going all digital if that is necessary.

The steps are 1, 2 and 3.

  1. What is the problem your business solves?
  2. How can you solve this problem digitally?
  3. Create the digital product or service.

Pretty easy, huh? Actually, not always simple of course, but if you put in the time and effort, you’ll get a valuable result for your company or career For more information check out sites like

Held Captive

Do Not Fall Prey to the Dangers of Social Media

Get Results

Blog Publicity, eMail Marketing and more can get you results for adding more digital strategies for your business. With all of the digital options today, it is hard to know where to start. In this blog we hope to help you become less frazzled and more versed in what it takes to promote your USA Online Business.

Alternatives to Social

For starters you need to find a source of education that does not focuse on the ills of social media but rather on how there are alternatives to social. Your business marketing can be ever so much more successful if you phase out dangerous social media and seek alternatives.

In the Face of Disaster

A Digital Transformation Method can be the saving grace of your business because the more of your business that becomes dighital, the less likely you will have such a high hill to claim in the face of another Pandemic or disaster. A great place to start is with exploring the website entitle Home Business Achievers.


Digital Transformation

Entrepreneurial Goals Needed

Things moved at a feverish pace from 2001 – 2013 thanks in part to the parallel growth of Video Film Web that is one of the businesses that truly pioneered the importance of being a “practical artist.” Artists and Entertainers as well as artist/entertainers need to have the ability to look objectively at their business aspect and achieve the entrepreneurial goals needed.

USA Online Business

How can a creative person learn to have a more business oriented outlook? And in turn, how can a business person become more creative? The answer of course is “work, work, work.” And yet, there are methods that assist in incubating these hybrid outlooks. One such group is

Go Digital Transformation and Start a Business with Digital Downloads

USA Online Business is known for their slogan which is “Business Helping Business.” And that is what they do. They are a resource for someone wanted to start a small or home business. The difference between the two is that a small business may not be entirely online and could have a brick and mortar location. Whereas a home business is done from and is often entirely online oriented making profits via digital downloads.

Internal Revolution

Getting Focused on Your Home Business

Running a Home Business Can Be Challenging

Focusing on your home business can sometimes be difficult. You have so much to do just because of living life, that a home business, especially since it is at home, can be frustrating at times. If you had, had a boss in the past, although this might have been a negative situation in many ways, usually you are given tasks to do.

Putting Your Own Guidance to Work

Now that there is no one to tell you what to do, depending on the size of your home business, puts the weight on your shoulders as to what is next. Is this you? You might want to add daily guidelines in place.

The List

Depending on demanding your particular industry is of your home business, you might be able to use something as simple as a text document. No, we’re not telling you to stop using your calendar, we’re just sharing the ease and clarity a list can make. You make a list, listing activities that day, and then just cross them out once done. And sometimes you might think of new things to add, which you can add to the top or bottom depending on priority!


The Way that Business Promotion is Changing in the New Age

One Marketing Procedure for Two Totally Different Demographics?

In the old days the young and the old both appear to be completely different demographics based on when they were born, what they’ve experienced and what their buying habits are. The Stamas Bros are looking into these differences closely and are potentially revealing that maybe both age groups are more alike than not. The old and the young surely have different ways of coping, but could the same marketing procedures and content be used on both?

Both Want What the Other Has

This could be a revolution in marketing or it could be a big mistake. But one cannot argue with the points that the Stamas Bros make that maybe the young want to be wise like the old. And maybe the old desire to have the energy of the young?!


Even the fact that this is being written about in a blog is showing that something is up. More to come!


Business Has Changed Forever

Hurray for Solopreneurs!

Remember when business, especially in the corporate world, brought to mind skyscrapers? Well, no longer. The playing field has been leveled. There is still a heavy emphasis on existing relationships, but these days have been the best days ever for solopreneurs.

No Restriction on Location of Clients

Communication is done mainly with Zoom and other video conferencing apps. This means you can have clients all over America or even the world.

What Next for You?

What will you do today to take advantage of where we are now?!

Being an American Entrepreneur

You and Your Laptop

Times have Changed

Times have changed for young and old. The new USA Online Business is run by someone from young to old and involves, well, your personal computer, phone or laptop.

Your Solution

There’s no need any longer for any more than that. The assumption is that you have started a business that relies on the internet only. How do you do this? You think of a problem online and then come up with the solution. Your product or service is that solution.

USA Online Business Simplified

It couldn’t be more simple. You and your laptop. Get to know each other!

Being an American Entrepreneur

Proud to Be an Entrepreneurial American

Be Creative

Many of us are feeling the pain brought against our businesses due to the Coronavirus. Others of us are lucky because aspects of our business could be made (or already was) remote. But regardless of which one best describes you, we hope that you are proud to be American as we are. What does it mean to be American? It is to uphold the laws and continue to act in a way that represents freedom. Freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to be creative.

Reinvent Yourself

Truth be told, business is an art form in itself. One has to be constantly reinventing him or her self to stay afloat. Sometimes a business is started because there is a need and they are the first one out there to bring their solution to a particular problem. If they are successful with this business, others will copy it and compete against the originator. Sometimes the entity to steal your idea is a large company that has a further reach than does the entrepreneur who invented the concept in the first place. Like it or not, this is the American way.

Being an Entrepreneurial American

Because your own idea can be taken and imitated is why you have to strive to have something proprietary that only you know how to do or has a patent or copyright to protect your idea. Though, being involved in litigation fighting against those copying your idea can become expensive. This too is the American way. So how is a small USA Online Business expected to survive? Many don’t. But if you have a passion for your business and are willing to reinvent yourself as needed, you can be successful. And that is why I am proud to be an Entrepreneurial American.

New York

In New York Working from Home is Not Going Anywhere Soon

Not to Be Trusted

New Yorkers know a thing or two about government and whether they are trustworthy or not. Unfortunately this administration is not to be trusted. With over 100 thousand cases and over 9 thousand dead, we’re not quick to jump on the bandwagon that everything is “okay” and that there is a “plan” to get back to work outside of home.

Changed Forever

New York has been changed forever, or at least for the next several years. Working from the home office has become a reality. Surprisingly the transition to this mode of working was made a lot easier than had been expected. New Yorkers stepped up and made it work. But now we are being told that leaving our homes soon is going to be ushered in.

Not Happening Anytime Soon

Not so soon. Think the plan through people. Those who are so-called cleared to be able to get back to the regular office can still be carriers to the at-risk population. It is simply not realistic that EVERY person is going to be able to take the test for COVID-19. We see through the so-called plan, recognizing that it is based on an attempt to look good for business, for the rich who are being inconvenienced by this because their workers are requiring an extra effort to be able to work from home. In New York working from home is not going anywhere soon because we’d rather not die.

New York

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