Digital Transformation is Here

METHOD HOW to Have Less of a Hassle Getting a Specific Short Term Strategy for Your Business

Having a clear cut, simple and effective METHOD HOW to do something can help you tremendously when it applies to taking a business or marketing step for your USA Online Business. Traditionally the way that information is gathered to then put into a strategy, is created by doing lot of research which includes things like reading eBooks. The problem with eBooks though is that you can have literally hundreds of pages to read when all you really want is to develop a methodology for taking a step forward with your company.

And sadly, you can very easily end up after having read hundreds of pages, without the knowledge you needed. Sometimes people get video courses on the web, and again that can potentially backfire also, after watching the hour long course but never uncovering what you are looking for. How about about search engines? Is that a good way to find a METHOD HOW to do something?

A lot of the time you don’t know what you don’t know and try to make a kind of patchwork quilt of a result. Taking notes while you search for answers can be frustrating and confusing. With lot of time spent earnestly and then to be left with a lot of ideas that often contradict each other is not dependable either. what about just watching online videos found at the various sites that specialize in it.

Often times videos are just repurposing of blog post and other written content so that it has many of the same problems that searching online can take you: nowhere. So what are you supposed to do? If you are someone who had a very negative impact on their business during the Pandemic, due to needing to provided services to customers in-person. If you are reading this then chances are you are trying to get at least some of your business on the web.

Options for taking your business from in-person to online include one on one appointments via streaming video or possibly eCommerce or other substitutes online for what you currently do in-person. The idea being of course if something should happen again like COVID you will have a digital arsenal so that you can do much of what you do on the internet. As a result of these kinds of issues for businesses getting their hands on information that is simple, clear, fast, easy and effective can be difficult to find.

That is why we are currently involved with putting together a website called METHOD HOW which does just what its name seems to imply which is to be able to find a METHOD HOW to do something, that you can then use to accomplish your goal. Although very early in its process, the individuals working on putting together the METHOD HOW site, are doing so because they are committed to putting together an approach where USA Online Businesses like yours can go to get a step by step secret strategy in just ten steps.

In other words a strategy for just about anything in business for which you need a METHOD HOW to do it. Currently the “METHOD HOW Report” is up and running and has been for the last couple of months. We bring this up because the METHOD HOW Report each week does a preview of that week’s METHOD HOW Strategy. That way you can know weekly if there is anything interesting to you that can help you make your business better.

A side note is that the METHOD HOW Report took over the “USA Make a Difference” Newsletter which they had been doing for a couple of years. Prior to them there were a couple other names for the weekly email publication. We sometimes are asked can you subscribe to the METHOD HOW Report and our response is not at this point. This newsletter has not been accepting any other subscribers other than those who are already subscribed.

This has been the case for nearly two years. Why? Because there have been a lot of beta projects that if you read the newsletter over time you would understand, but not if you just joined. The current subscribers to the METHOD HOW Report are very loyal and we pride ourselves on rarely getting unsubscribes. We believe this to be that our subscribers can tell we care and are committed to bringing them innovation of what they can do with their business or even life.

So what now? The recommendation is to check in on the METHOD HOW site now and again. At this point there is no actual website, just a “Coming Soon” page. When the site is ready to launch and it is given the green light, one of the areas that will be designated to provide information on when there might be a chance to subscribe. Thank you for reading and be sure to check the site. The site should go live in a about a month!

Digital Transformation is Here

To Go Digital or Not to Go Digital

Not that Long Ago they Were Not Here

Digital devices and apps are impacting the lives of many. And this process of induction has gone at an unbelievable pace. It was not that long ago that when I would be riding to a New York destination in the subway, no one else was doing much of anything except for maybe reading or listening to music an so on. But now in a subway, everyone is doing some kind of digital interaction with their phones.

Thumbs up for the Digital Process

USA Online Business is onboard with latest thoughts from the Blog Coalition along with my site friend Home Business eCommerce. According to eCommerce reports online digital education in the form of video courses, eBooks and the like, the numbers are building at an incredible rate.

Digital is Vital

Both USA Online Business and Home Business ecommerce, know and understand the importance of digital, hence they recommend that at least some part of an entrepreneur’s business should be transformed into being more digital friendly. It is important as a business to not always have to rely on in-person customers. The Pandemic closed down so many businesses that relied on in-person interaction. And with no in-person customers, many businesses had to shut down.

To Digital or Not to Digital

You need to take hold of digital regardless of the madness that is happening in our great country

Some Businesses Thrived During the Pandemic

But if you are still here it means that you are at least remotely (pardon the pun) thinking about how digital might help you. And one of the best “Plan Bs” is making certain that at least you have a part of your business able to function online. This was a life saver for businesses who anticipated the problems with losing in-person customers and carried them over into the digital domain during the Pandemic using eCommerce and such.