Being an American Entrepreneur

USA Online Business Remembers that Business Can be Fun and Very SIMPLE

USA Online Business is a Business Model that if Solved Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Think about that guy. He blasted in a rocket to a kind of “space” with his brother and others. And he also developed an online business that sells virtually (pun intended) everything you could think of and does so online. There is much to learn from his story. The concept from his story that we are going to grab from his way of doing things in which vendors within his site are themselves driving much of the traffic used.


We are currently, in collaboration with other “USA” sites, devising a blueprint plan on how to succeed with your online small business. There are a lot of folks who think you get a SAAS solution for eCommerce, then start to sell things to people, driving traffic to it through your social media.

Strategy Needed

Not a bad strategy, but to be as successful as possible, needed is a mechanism, an aspect of your business model, that does a lot of it for you. Imagine having a site where people pay you to be a part promoting it, because they have a store or something on your site and want to get customers, everything sold you get a percentage and soi on and so forth


If you are already in business mode with your business, meaning it already exists and you are a small business owner, a good focus initially is marketing in a comprehensive manner.

Thinking Back

If I think back on successful business ventures I have started, one thing they all had in common was that the actual overview or action steps were short in length and literally, if I was to write them down, one in particular I just thought about was simply 5 stages. Simple is the hardest thing for this chaotic human, but when I finally am, there are usually rewards.