Being an American Entrepreneur

You and Your Laptop

Times have Changed

Times have changed for young and old. The new USA Online Business is run by someone from young to old and involves, well, your personal computer, phone or laptop.

Your Solution

There’s no need any longer for any more than that. The assumption is that you have started a business that relies on the internet only. How do you do this? You think of a problem online and then come up with the solution. Your product or service is that solution.

USA Online Business Simplified

It couldn’t be more simple. You and your laptop. Get to know each other!

Being an American Entrepreneur

Proud to Be an Entrepreneurial American

Be Creative

Many of us are feeling the pain brought against our businesses due to the Coronavirus. Others of us are lucky because aspects of our business could be made (or already was) remote. But regardless of which one best describes you, we hope that you are proud to be American as we are. What does it mean to be American? It is to uphold the laws and continue to act in a way that represents freedom. Freedom to express ourselves. Freedom to be creative.

Reinvent Yourself

Truth be told, business is an art form in itself. One has to be constantly reinventing him or her self to stay afloat. Sometimes a business is started because there is a need and they are the first one out there to bring their solution to a particular problem. If they are successful with this business, others will copy it and compete against the originator. Sometimes the entity to steal your idea is a large company that has a further reach than does the entrepreneur who invented the concept in the first place. Like it or not, this is the American way.

Being an Entrepreneurial American

Because your own idea can be taken and imitated is why you have to strive to have something proprietary that only you know how to do or has a patent or copyright to protect your idea. Though, being involved in litigation fighting against those copying your idea can become expensive. This too is the American way. So how is a small USA Online Business expected to survive? Many don’t. But if you have a passion for your business and are willing to reinvent yourself as needed, you can be successful. And that is why I am proud to be an Entrepreneurial American.