New York

In New York Working from Home is Not Going Anywhere Soon

Not to Be Trusted

New Yorkers know a thing or two about government and whether they are trustworthy or not. Unfortunately this administration is not to be trusted. With over 100 thousand cases and over 9 thousand dead, we’re not quick to jump on the bandwagon that everything is “okay” and that there is a “plan” to get back to work outside of home.

Changed Forever

New York has been changed forever, or at least for the next several years. Working from the home office has become a reality. Surprisingly the transition to this mode of working was made a lot easier than had been expected. New Yorkers stepped up and made it work. But now we are being told that leaving our homes soon is going to be ushered in.

Not Happening Anytime Soon

Not so soon. Think the plan through people. Those who are so-called cleared to be able to get back to the regular office can still be carriers to the at-risk population. It is simply not realistic that EVERY person is going to be able to take the test for COVID-19. We see through the so-called plan, recognizing that it is based on an attempt to look good for business, for the rich who are being inconvenienced by this because their workers are requiring an extra effort to be able to work from home. In New York working from home is not going anywhere soon because we’d rather not die.